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Science, Technology, ESD Control Requirements & Electronics Flooring

Facilities working on the cutting-edge of science and technology depend upon special flooring to support the smooth running of their high-dollar ventures. Our impressive selection of high-performance floor systems includes dependable electrostatic dissipative, conductive, extreme acid/ caustic resistant, antimicrobial and even fast-curing options for critical operations.

• Ensures a safer work space

• High gloss increases visibility

• Create truly unique designs; Customizable with company and logos

• Resists Scuffing and Abrasions

• Provides Improved Traction; Slip resistant surfaces are safer for customers and employees

• Protects the environment; No harsh chemicals required for cleaning

• Flooring may be installed over existing floors to reduce downtime

• Durable surface resistant to impacts and chipping

• Color designs can be used to define safety zones

• System may be designed for both static dissipative or conductive

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