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Healthcare & Medical Flooring

Our ultra-fast turnaround floors minimize healthcare facility downtime, while offering antimicrobial options supportive of strict sanitation protocols and ICRA standards (Infection Control Risk Assessment). Outstanding chemical and stain resistance, great resilience and easy maintenance, customizable slip-resistance and unlimited design options all add up to just what the doctor ordered – superior medical flooring value.

  • ICRA standards (Infection Control Risk Assessment)
  • Cleans up easily; Seamless design and installation will not harbor germs and bacteria
  • Flooring installed quickly
  • Ensures a safer work space
  • High gloss increases visibility
  • Create truly unique designs; Customizable with company’s name and logos
  • Provides Improved Traction; Slip resistant surfaces are safer for customers and employees
  • Protects the environment; No harsh chemicals required for cleaning
  • Flooring may be installed over existing floors to reduce downtime
  • Strong durable surface is resistant to impacts and chipping
  • Color designs can be used to define safety zones
  • Resists staining from blood, betadine, silver nitrate, iodine and other fluids

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